*Note not all cars will be present at events or standstill parties, subject to availability consult the listing for each event to find out which cars will be available.* 

   VCRC is proud to present to you the most diverse rail fleet available from any one company. We have cars for all occasions, from large gatherings to intimate family outings we have what you are looking for. These cars not only differ in their capacities, but also in their heritage. Each of our cars has a distinctive style and character reminiscent of a different era of rail travel. Many of them are restored to their original condition while some have a more modern design. Virginia City Rail Corporation is the only company in the Bay Area with our own Waterfront Stationary Charter Facility, making this experience affordable and accessible to anyone.
Pullman Rear Observation Platform Car
Day Capacity: 14 
Night Capacity: 6 

Virtual tour of the Virginia City
Check out  Virtual Tour of the Virginia City Coach by Howard Goldbaum, Photojouralism Professor at UNR


Rio Grande Lounge Car 
Day Capacity: 25 
Night Capacity: N/A 
Plaza Santa Fe Car 
Don't see the car you want? Contact us we have access to nearly every car in the United States! 
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