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   Welcome, you’ve just entered a world apart from the ordinary, join us as we journey back to an era gone, but not forgotten. A world or restored elegance and custom luxury travel. Virginia City Rail Corporation has provided the absolute best in Private Rail Travel for over 20 years! Take a moment to explore these pages and the services we offer….


Private Charters

   The Orient Express, The Royal Scotsman, trains like these are synonymous with luxury passenger rail services the world over , yet Virginia City Rail Corporation is not. The reason is simple, Virginia City Rail corporation provides Private Rail Travel, not passenger rail service. Though they may seem similar they are a world apart. In the world of luxury rail travel Private Railcars are the crème de la crème. No other rail service in the world gives you the kind of freedom we provide when it comes to choosing the railcar, and the rail journey that’s right for you.

   Virginia City Rail Corporation has access to over 80 railcars each with its own characteristic style and flavor! Not only will we find the perfect car or cars for your needs we will custom design your itinerary, making your multi city tour of America easier than ever before!


Why Private Rail Travel?

   For anyone who has experienced the thrill of “romancing the rails” aboard “Private Varnish” this question is most easily answered with an expression; An expression of absolute satisfaction, heartfelt adoration and the understanding that the experience will be with them for a lifetime.

Other Top Reasons to Travel by Private Railcar:

Safety, Security, and Privacy

   Rail travel is and will continue to be a safe alternative to travel by air, sea or motor vehicle. More importantly your private railcar is a world within itself. For anyone who values their personal security and privacy these “rolling mansions” offer all of the amenities of a hotel or other public environment with out the public.

Hassle Free Travel

   If you’ve ever attempted to travel to multiple cities than you know the pains of moving from one hotel to another, taking multiple flights, and so on. Why move from hotel to hotel, when you can simply take your hotel with you! There is no need to worry about a single detail, Virginia City Rail will plan every aspect of your trip from start to finish. Don’t spend your vacation moving from hotel to hotel, spend it the way you want to, in the company of loved ones!


A Room with a View

   While you enjoy a freshly prepared meal, or a cocktail by the fireplace inside your private railcar, the world outside unfolds before you at an exhilerating 69 mph. Rail travel offers a view of the countries interior that no cruise ship or commercial airline could ever deliver. If you are planning to see America, there is no better means than by rail. From coast to coast, from the crests of the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic seaboard America’s vast rail network offers you unparalleled access to America’s wilderness and major cities.


A Chance to Truly Connect

    So much of life and leisure amounts to nothing more than a series of meaningless distractions. Cruise ships and major resorts are designed to offer everyone in your group something different, inevitably pulling them in different directions. Rail travel is a way to bring your family and friends together, a chance to explore not only America, but each other. Of course major stops like Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington and New Orleans have something for everyone, but it’s the journey to those places that makes rail travel so special. The joy of anticipation and the love of a common experience are the most memorable qualities of luxury private rail travel.


Happiness is more than just a station you arrive at, it is a manner of traveling! Join us onboard for the ultimate vacation!



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